KeepFit by Keisha™

Your Mindless Eating Part B

1. Stay more than an arm's length away from the buffet table and snack bowls.
2. Put only two items on your plate during any given trip to the buffet table.
3. Use a volume approach to make yourself feel full. This is the volume approach.
Chow down on the big healthy stuff like broccoli and carrots, and then see if you have room for the rest.
4. When you think you'll be distracted by important or fun conversations, set the food down and give the conversation your full attention. Remember, the more you focus on people, the less you'll tend to eat.
5. As you enter a room, tell yourself you're there first to conduct business and secondarily to eat.
6. If you plan to attend a cocktail party or a buffet style dinner, arrive late or leave early. If you arrive late, most of the good stuff will be gone by the time you show up. Leave early and you'll make it easier to avoid a second or third helping of desserts.