Your Mindless Eating Part A

Your Mindless Eating Part A


1. Think back for all those foods that aren't good for you. Think BACK - put them in the back of the cupboard, in the back of the refrigerator, in the back of the freezer. Keep those tempting goodies wrapped in aluminum foil.

2. Do not pre-buy snacks for future occasions. If you must buy snacks, buy those your family likes but you don't.

3. If you get a craving, think of a substitute. Crunchy things like fruits or pre-cut vegetables work for some people. Each week buy colorful variety of vegetables, pre-cut them and store them on the first or second shelf of the refrigerator. If you get a craving, eat it out of the house and do not bring it home so when the craving is over it will not tempt you to eat more and more.

4. Chewing gum can distract you away from the four Cs - chips, cookies, ice cream, and candy. Mint works for me.

5. Eat only at the table. That one in the kitchen or the one in the dining room. Don't wolf things down over the sink or in front of an open refrigerator, or on the couch in front of the TV.

6. Keep the tempting foods out of sight and out of mind. Store them in the basement or re-pack mini portions into zip lock bags or Tupperware so you can't see them and they can't tempt you.

7. If family members want different foods, have separate cupboards that are designed to keep them off limits to you. Lock them up and only give them the key =)

8. The only food that should be out on the counter are healthy foods. Substitute a food dish for your cookie jar.

9. Never eat directly from a package. Always portion food out into a dish so you must face exactly how you must eat it and how much.

10. Dish out your food from the kitchen before you bring it to the table. Do not have pots or platters of food on the table where you can dig in and have seconds or thirds, and remember to eat on smaller plates.

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