Your Mindless Eater Part D

Your Mindless Eater Part D


1. Change gears. Brown bag it. Even if you only do this a couple of times a week, you're ahead of the game because you're in more control of your food choices.

2. Stock your desk or lunch room refrigerator with yogurts, protein bars, or cans of tuna fish. Proteins can take the edge off of snacks.

3. Turn off your computer or pull the car over while you eat. If you focus on what you're eating, you might even discover that you really don't like vending machine or convenient store food.

4. Use food policies:. For example, the first thing you eat at work is fruit. Eating an indulgent snack means taking a walk during your break. Chew gum to prevent eating from boredom or stress. Fill up your water bottle a number of times a day. Replace every soft drink with water.

5. Limit yourself from the lunch room. Co-workers bring in too many goodies, so the less you walk into the lunch room, the less you will be tempted into eating that extra snack. Bring in a bowl of fruit instead and pass over the junk.

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