KeepFit by Keisha™

Your Mindless Eater Part C

1. Develop restaurant rules. Use the rule of two.
Limit yourself to two of the following -an appetizer, a drink, a dessert. Pick any of the two.
2. If the bread basket is on the table, you are going to eat bread.
Either ask the waiter to forget it or take it away early.
3. Before you start to eat, ask the waiter to pre-wrap half of your entree to take home. That way you'll not be tempted to polish it off as soon as it arrives.
4. Ask for water and alternate glasses of water with whatever else you're drinking.
5. Sit next to the person you think will be the slowest eater at the table.
Always be the last one to start eating and set your fork down at every bite.
6. If you want dessert, see if someone will share it.
The best part of a dessert are the first bites.
If you have the will power, have those two then throw it away.