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Science Says You Should Do This Before Holiday Splurging

A couple hours after ingestion of food high in saturated fat, triglyceride levels increase, blood flow is restricted, and the blood vessel linings become inflamed. You’re actually at much higher risk of a heart attack during this period. And that’s after a single meal. Imagine what doing this consistently over time can do!

Fortunately, there is something you can do about it (besides saying no to all of your favorite things). Previous studies have shown that moderate exercise before consuming high-fat foods can reduce negative effects on the body. Now more recent research from a study done at the University of Exeter shows that JUST 8 MINUTES of high-intensity exercise is even more effective than 25 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise. Researchers found that a short but intense workout before consuming a high-fat milkshake not only prevented impairment, but actually improved blood vessel function.