Challenging Yourself - General Fitness and Wellness

Challenging Yourself - General Fitness and Wellness

1: Immediate pride in yourself - If you achieve something difficult, you feel good. Like the world had written you off, but you won anyway. And everyone loves being a world-beater!

You can start small, picking something you struggle with that can be achieved relatively quickly. Once you’ve reached your smallish goal a few times, you can rightly acknowledge and congratulate yourself.

2: Confidence to aim higher - Meet a few of the smaller targets, and you can set your sights a bit higher. After all, once you’ve proven you can do some stuff, it stands to reason that the next level up is attainable, right?

3: Doors open to the competitive - By challenging yourself, you can push yourself to achieve stuff. Yeah, you can look at the next step and continue, but you need to realise something else:

You achieve stuff. This path of continually reaching for the next branch is littered with successes, growing ever larger and shinier. And success opens doors.

4: Failing with resilience - This mindset of challenging yourself can make it easier to handle failure. If you stumble at a hurdle, you can still be proud that you were brave enough to take the jump. Indeed, you can look back at how far you came to get to this point and be satisfied with that, so long as you allow yourself to savour your success.

By challenging yourself, you push the boundaries of what you can achieve as an individual. You’ll gain confidence, resilience and motivation. You’ll find opportunities and new goals to chase, maybe do something extraordinary.

Take the next step - I hope the above reasons motivate you to challenge yourself for personal growth. If you’re a motivated interested in challenging yourself and taking yourself out of your comfort zone: why not sign up for our BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE Boxing Bootcamp class?

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